Agro Ukraine Summit

AGRO UKRAINE SUMMIT: trends and innovations in grain growing, storage, and processing

On February 2, Kyiv will host an all-Ukrainian agrarian summit that will bring together leaders of the Ukrainian
agrarian community to find answers to key challenges for the country`s agricultural production

Organizers: Association of Pulse Producers and Consumers of Ukraine, Association of Elevators of Ukraine,
ProAgro Group

Venue: Obolonska Embankment 20, Kyiv, Golf Center

Summit objectives: analyze the current situation and summarize the work of the agro-industrial complex in the 2022-2023 season, highlight the main challenges for the agricultural sector and find ways to overcome them, develop solutions to ensure stable operation and increase the efficiency of agriculture in wartime
Target audience: crop growers, elevators, processors, logisticians, traders and all companies providing the relevant industries with equipment, technologies and services

The summit will include:
 Dialogue panels
 Presentation seminars from market leaders
 Speeches by leading industry experts with cases of effective agribusiness, government officials and experts
 Exhibition of technological solutions and equipment from leading manufacturers
 Business communication zones
 Live music, lounge area
 Coffee breaks, buffets
Website: https://agro-ukraine-summit.com/
Contacts: +38 096 899 4272 | +38 067 243 3803 | proagro-inform@ukr.net